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Usain bolt got bronze medal in his careers final 100 meter race

Usain bolt got bronze medal in his careers final 100 meter race

One last time, Usain Bolt looked down the last 100 meters of his path and saw sprinter upon sprinter running strides in front of him.

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One last time, the World’s Fastest Man poerfully pumped the arms and legs on his awkward 6-foot-5 body, urgently attempting to reel in every one of those eventual champs as the end goal quick drew closer.

Jamaican super athlete Usain Bolt won the bronze medal of his career final race. This is the first bronze medal awarded to Usain Bolt in his career so far, as he has earned a gold medal in each of the previous athletic championships.

American Justin Gatlin captured the gold medal. Usain Bolt was determined to win the gold before the retirement of athletic championship. However, in the final of the World Athletic Championship in London, American Justin Gatlin took the gold medal in men’s 100m race. So Bolt won the bronze medal.

American Cristian Coleman won the silver medal in the final of the 100 meter race, Justin Gatlin took 9.92 seconds to secure the first position in the race. Christine Coleman got 9.94 seconds, second in the list. Then, Usain Bolt secured the third position with 9.95 seconds. Even though Usain Bolt did not get a gold medal in this race, his fans continued cheering with his name until he left the field.

I apologize for not being able to win this race as a great veteran of all time. I am thankful to everyone for supporting me, said Usain Bolt.

Bolt, who has a title of Lightning Bolt, has set many records in his career. Researchers have said that they study of usain bolt and said that he is faster than the bullet train. But in the last race, it has been seen that with growing age human being gets ordinary.

it is also an ordinary human being and a growing old age.