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Monsoon Holidays: Top five places in konkan trip…!

Monsoon Holidays: Top five places in konkan trip…!

Are you planning for monsoon holidays.?Then you will surely like below spots for your monsoon holidays.


monsoon holidays

Vijaydurg, also known called as the Victory Fort, is situated on the western coast of India. This fort is one of the strongest marine forts. The fort is spread over a territory of around 68796.55 sqm. Vijaydurg gives proof of the military amazingness of the Marathas under Shivaji’s empire.

Vijaydurg, at first known as Gheria, is considered to have been raised by the Bijapur rulers. The fortification was later reinforced and augmented by Shivaji in the seventeenth century. It was built on the hill close to the mouth of the Vaghotan River.

Encompassed by the ocean on three sides and a discard on the fourth side, the fort was developed for defending the kingdom from the neighboring rulers.Historians express that the fort witnessed many wars, out of which the war with the European forces is thought to be the noticeable one.

During the period in the vicinity of 1667 and 1729, the stronghold was under the control of the MarathasKanhoji Angre, the maritime head of the Marathas, battled a fight with the Europeans to safeguard the kingdom. The fort was under the collaborated reign of the English and the Peshwas in 1756 and stayed with the Peshwas till 1818.

Afterward, a fight was again battled between the Peshwas and the British and the fort was surrendered to the British as the result. A submerged wall of around 100 m has been found as of late when the water level of the ocean diminished. This divider remains on the eastern side of the stronghold and is thought to associate with 3 m somewhere down in the ocean.

The encompassing dividers of the post are 7 m wide and 122 m long. It is trusted that the locale around the banks of the Vaghotan River was a dock, utilized by the Marathas for building and repairing their ships.


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Tarkarli Beach, is a beautiful beach on the coastal lines of the Konkan region, in Malvan Town.  It is 8 km (5.0 mi) south of Malvan and 546 km (339 mi) from Mumbai on the west shore of India. The beach is located at the intersection of the Karli River and the Arabian SeaWatersports like snorkeling and scuba diving can be enjoyed at the beach.


monsoon holidays

One of the persisting symbols of Maharashtra’s rich verifiable past is the Sindhudurg Fort. The fort gets its name from the blend of two wordsSindhu meaning ocean and Durg significance stronghold. Sindhudurg is only 510 km from Mumbai on the Goa Highway.

One can take a ship from the Malvan Port to the island fort. Shivaji to counter foreign forces strengths originating from the shore, and also to safeguard the kingdom from neighboring rulers. It is likewise trusted that the fortress was developed by Shivaji to keep watch on the activities of Siddis of Murud-Janjira, who needed to defeat his kingdom.

Sindhudurg covers a broad territory of 48 acres of land with just about 2 miles of fortfield ramparts defense dividers 29 ft high and 12 ft thick, involving perception towers and 52 huge half-circle bastions with embrasures for cannons.

The highest point of the ramparts was open by stone staircases at different focuses. A few bastions contain concealed leave ways that lead out of the fort.


monsoon holidays

Hiranyakeshi is devoted to Lord Shiva and is gone by numerous amid the yearly festival of Mahashivratri. The Hiranyakeshi River, which starts from the tremendous mountain shake, streams into the valley. Activities like angling and swimming can be delighted at this place.



monsoon holidays

Napne Waterfall is situated in the Sherpe Village of the Vaibhavwadi Taluka in the Sindhudurg District. Regularly known as the Swimmer’s Delight, the waterfalls give great conditions to swimming in the perfectly clear water of the falls. The ridge gives living space to rare types of winged creatures, including the hornbill.

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