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The Kopeshwar Temple: A hidden 12th century antiquity

The Kopeshwar Temple ( कोपेश्वर मंदिर )

Kopeshwar Temple is at Khidrapur, Kolhapur locale, Maharashtra. It is at the boundary of Maharashtra and Karnataka. We can go from sangali too. It was build by Shilahara King Gandaraditya in the twelfth century by Shilahara King Gandaraditya, Vijayaditya and Bhoj-2 in the amid of 1109 and 1178 AD and after that by Seuna Yadavas. It is devoted to Lord Shiva. This temple got as of late came into view when the film shoot of Katyar Kaljat Ghusali was accomplished for the music of “Shiv Bhola Bhandari” in the temple. It is toward the east of Kolhapur, age-old and artistic on the bank of the Krishna river.

Kopeshwar Temple.

The old  name of khidrapur is koppad. Kopeshwara implies god mahadev. Kop in Sanskrit implies fury as per mythological story, Parvati’s, Mahadev’s associate was daughter of lord Daksha embarrassed her better half on the occasion of Yadnya ( fire sacrifies ) she could not bear  it and jumped into the yadnya fire. Mahadev got furious and destroy Dakshas yadnya. Khidrapur is consider to be region where god mahadev waited for parvati when she went to her fathers house at the little village adjacent called yedur. Yedur around 13 km from khidrapur is region where Daksha yadnya was performed. There is additionally temple at yedur at where yadnya happen.

Structure Of The  Temple

It has a vestibule with an open top the sanctum is cone shaped. The outside has impressive carvings of gods and secular figures. Elephant statues manage the heaviness of the sanctuary at the base. ln the inside we initially observe Vishnu (Dhopeshwar) and Shivaling confronting north. Be that as it may, there is no Nandi who has isolate Mandir. Isolate Actor-Pendal, corridor, old columns, carvings of divine beings and male and femnale specialists in different stances are alluring. The roof is semi-round about with rnatchless etchings. Outwardly, entire “Shivaleelamrit” is carved.

This temple is in four sections, all interconnected through vestibules. The first structure you enter through is the Swarga Mandap (Heavenly Hall). The design of Swarga mandap is one of a kind. This mandap is round fit as a fiddle and is built with the help of 48 very much carved adjusted stone columns which are put in three circles. Each of the 48 columns has been cut in various shapesround, square, hexagon and octagon. Another one of a kind component of Swarga Mandap is that a piece of the roundabout roof in the center (with a span of 13 feet) is interested in the sky. The sanctum is funnel shaped. The outside has shocking carvings of gods and mainstream figures.

Interior of Vishnu ( Dhopeshwar )


Swarg Mandap

Elephant Statue