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Mawsynram : The Wettest Place In World Situated In Meghalaya

Mawsynram is situated at 16 km west of Cherrapunji, in the Khasi Hills in the territory of Meghalaya .Residents of Mawsynram, a town in Meghalaya which gets a record-breaking 11,861 mm of rain a year, are utilized to mists coasting directly into their homes. Yet, once the monsoon is finished, they need to line up at taps and fight for water .

It was the sort of rain you wouldn’t see anyplace else. We could scarcely see four feet in front of us. We could touch the mists, notice the mists, taste the mists.”

We’re sitting in an government building in the core of Shillong however Social Welfare chief HM Shangpliang’s thoughts are somewhere else. Sixty-five kilometers away, to be exact, in the minor rain-swept town of Mawsynram, where he grew up. It’s a place where inhabitants utilize grass to mellow the sound of the stunning rain on their rooftops, dry their soaked garments on chulhas as frequently as thrice a day, and won’t hesitate when a mass of clouds drifts directly into their homes.

Three reasons can be refered for high rainfall at Mawsynram :

1. The warm soggy breezes of the northward-moving air from the Bay of Bengal amid the monsoon, which cover a broad territory however are compelled to meet into the smaller zone over the Khasi Hills, accordingly focusing their moisture.

2. The arrangement of the Khasi Hills (east to west) places them straightforwardly in the way of the wind current from the Bay of Bengal, creating a critical elevate (in addition to cooling, facilitate buildup and in this manner more rain)

3. At last, uplift over the Khasi Hills is essentially consistent in the storm time frame in light of the fact that the lifted air is always being pulled up by fiery breezes in the upper air, thus the rainfall is pretty much or less continuous.