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Whats the Secret of Bermuda Triangle.?

All the time where ships, people and planes are disappear,the place is known as Bermuda Triangle. In this Bermuda Triangle, more than 300 ships and 75 planes have been disappeared. These include the American Huge Cyclops Ship.    There is no reason why the ships and planes disappear in this Tiangle. The disappearance of ships and aircraft remains unfound.

The secret of this area is always left,the meri silest was trying to find the reason but she dispersed mysteriously and then they only found the lost ship, but none of the workers on it were found. It is believed that the ships was stucked at those dangerous areas. This dangerous part of the Atlantic Ocean is known as the “Island of the Ghosts”, where it is claimed that the huge, strange and odd waves swallow whatever it takes in its area.Other people thinks that the number of ships goes into the powerful strom of that ocean . The another thing about Bermuda Triangle, is that there is a lot of gravitational force so that whatever goes away from it goes down towards the ground and becomes invisible.

There was a documentary film to discover the mystery of this Bermuda Triangle. This Triangle is approximately two lakh seventy thousand square kilometers. This triangle is between Bermuda Florida and Puertro Rico. On March 4, 1918, the US-based USS Cyclops Ship carrying with 309 persons and 10,000 tons of manganese (raw form of metal) ships of US. It was last seen while moving towards Bermuda Triangle. But then it has disappeared from there suddenly.