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Both Indian national Kabaddi teams has won every single World Cup

Kabaddi is a game that started in antiquated India. It has been played in our nation for a long time. There is a specify of kabaddi even in the antiquated Indian epic – the Mahabharata. There are different types of kabaddi played in our nation, similar to the Sanjeevani, the Amar, and the Punjabi. The diversion is likewise played in different nations and is known by various names like Baibalaa in Madives and Hadudu in Bangaldesh.

Kabaddi is extremely famous in the states of Maharashtra, Bihar, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Punjab. On the world stage, the Indian national team has been the best, having won all the World Cups and Asian games up until this point, in both the men’s and women’s category. The first Asian Kabaddi Championship was held in the year in 1980, and India come up as the champions of the inaugural version, by beating Bangladesh in the finals.

“The triumphant Indian kabaddi team in after winning the 2014 Asian Games “

India’s dominance at the Asian Games

India’s performance in the Asian Games in the game of kabaddi has been marvelous. The game was played without precedent for Asian Games in 1990, which occurred in Beijing. India won the gold medal in the Games, and has been doing as such as far back as in all the Asian Games that have occurred throughout the years, winning seven gold medals on the run.

They beat Bangladesh in the finals of the first two versions of the Asian Games while neighbors Pakistan were the casualties in 1998 in Bangkok. India conflicted against recognizable adversaries Bangladesh in the final of the 2002 Games at Busan.

At the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Indian played Pakistan in the finals, and ruled the match by winning 35-23. Rising at a bewildering pace, Iran achieved the last of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, however missed the mark against the undaunted object – the Indian national kabaddi team, with the scoreboard of 37-20 in India’s favour.

The 2014 Asian Games last was the most aggressive till date as Iran endured a tight 27-25 defeat against India. The West Asian country were leading on a lot of occasions and it seemed as though they would make history by turning into the first country apart from India to win the Asian Games gold medal when the score was 25-24 in India’s favour in the last minute. A tackle by the Indians on the Iranian raider in the final action of the match guaranteed India were successful for the record seventh time.

India has likewise stayed undefeated in the Asian Indoor Games in kabaddi. India won the gold medal in the 2007 Asian Indoor Games in Macau, crushing Pakistan 35-17 in the finals while holding the gold at the 2009 Asian Indoor Games in Hanoi, beating Iran 57-33 in the finals.

“Indian ladies’ kabaddi team at the 2014 Asian Games, where they won the Gold”

Women’s Victory at the Asian Games

It is not just the men who have been making the country proud, the Indian ladies’ kabaddi team has won both the gold medals on offer at the Asian Games, since ladies’ kabaddi was presented at the multi-sport occasion in 2010. India vanquished Thailand 28-14 in the final of the first edition while Iran were beaten 30-21 in Incheon, in 2014 at South Korea. The Indian ladies’ team likewise won the gold medal in the South Asian Games in 2010, crushing Bangladesh in the finals.

The fame of the game in India and the achievement of the men’s and women’s teams has prompted the introduction of the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League, a competition which was played for the first time in 2014 in India. The tournament takes after an indistinguishable arrangement from that of the Asian Games. The competition has eight teams represnting to different parts of the country competing for the championship title. In 5th season, they are competing 12 teams with each other. Having 6 teams in one region and another 6 teams in second region.