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Important things to do this Dussehra 2017

Dussehra 2017 :

Dussehra, Durga Puja, Vijayadashmi and Navratri are many names to a solitary festival. In every part of our nation, it is celebrated in a different way. To mark the victory of good over evil it is celebrated.

It is trusted that Lord Rama had killed Ravana on this day. Consequently, in the northern piece of India; Ramlila (a play on the life on Lord Rama) is performed and on the most recent day, representations of Ravana and his two brothers Meghanada and Kumbhakarana are brunt.

In South India, Godess Durga is revered and brilliant dolls called Bommala Kolu are shown. In the Eastern part of India, particularly in West Bengal, it is trusted that Goddess Durga vanquished Mahishasura.

Henceforth, her venerated images are revered and are submerged upon the arrival of Vijayadashmi. In the western piece of the nation the celebration is set apart with massive intensity. The 9 types of Goddess Durga are adored in the 9 days of Navratri.

Despite the fact that it is celebrated in various ways, it implies just a single thing-the triumph of good finished over evils and there shouldn’t be motivation to not commend it. Regardless of whether you are from east, west, north or south, we bring you amazong things to do this Dussehra!

Things to do this Dussehra:-

1) Love the divinity..!

Let us not overlook the purpose behind commending this celebration. Bring home Maa Durga and express your thanks.

2) Dress your best..!

We should not disregard the deals and offers set up by our most loved shops. This is without a doubt the best time to shop!! Anyway, what’s halting you to look awesome!?

3) Put your Garba mode on

It is the best season to do dancing on Falguni Pathak’s garba songs. Get your Dandiya sticks ready and show your skills by dancing!

4) Eat like a King..!

The Bengalis clearly have their sweet rosogullas and fish fries. But, the people who have fast likewise need not worry, since we have arranged some extraordinary fasting dishesh or receipes.

5) Do Ramlila your way..!

Doesn’t make a difference from whichever part of the nation you have a place with, simply accumulate some of your close friends and set up a fun Ramlila. Attempt to make it a present day, just imagine Sita is updating sad statutsand profile pictures on her FB timeline!

6) Show the Dhunuchi dance move..!

This is the dance type performed after the night aarti of Durga Puja. Individuals hold coal and coconut shells filled clay pots and move around, shoeless and barehanded! It looks like so easy yet isn’t.

7) Be a little eco-friendly..!

On the off chance that your province is burning a Ravana, ask for your group head or the coordinator to utilize less firecrackers at the same time, endeavor to search for an option.

8) Decorations..!

Fill your home with some stunning blossoms and wonderful rangolis. Experiment with various techniques and rangoli designs.

9) Be Happy..!

Try not to be sad, the festival time has finished because the festival of lights awaits us!