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21 year old youth from Aurangabad is taking part in the Hyperloop Competition

Travel from Mumbai to Aurangabad in just 20 minutes

If someone sat in a train from Aurangabad to go to important work in the ministry, he would reach Mumbai in the 20th minute. To go to Mumbai from Pune, only 9 minutes will be enough. It is not too far from the time that it will come true. Maybe in the next 8-10 years it will be possible!

Image Source : [IndiaTimes]

One planet. Seven billion individuals. Furthermore, just four methods of transportation. To begin with, the wheel was designed. From the wheel came carriages. From the carriages came trains. Furthermore, from the trains came fast prepares, planes, and cars. All of which implied better, quicker and more up to date methods for moving starting with one place then onto the next  for merchandise and in addition individuals. What’s more, now, we have “hyperloop.”

The core component of this project or its core component is now at the testing stage. This is the key component that is used to travel in the hyperloop system. The students of science-technology were challenged to create this pod and from hundreds of countries number of participants created pod by following their own ideas.


From the different tests, only 24 of them were selected for the last test of the pod, and one of them students are from india. The name of that pod is ” Hyperloop India“. Only two teams from all over Asia have reached the final test, the second is Chinese University.

Last year, the Sanket and its friends started a startup company. He had created an instrument for blind peoples to learn the Braille. Without help and guidance of anybody, without going to blind schools they can learn Braille from home itself, this machine is designed at very low cost, and for the first time in the world, blind people can learn braille by themselves. When Prince William of England came to Mumbai, he praised this instrument.